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Translated by: Himalaya Oxford Visionary-boylatin1L

The New Federal State of China is researching and conducting vaccine antidote test on a small scale. All the test results and reactions available are better than expected in medical research.

Firstly, in response to Ye Zhaoying, research on vaccine antidote is ongoing well. The medicine could bring us to two ends. The first one is that it would be the best way to save humanity in practical terms. Our New Federal State also represents the Chinese people and is one of the strongest in terms of showing a New Chinese image in the world. On the other hand, it will destroy us if the antidote doesn’t perform well, so we are testing on a small scale. I am not sure when it will be released.

How to use it broadly and on a large scale? When will it be rolled out? How to roll out? It isn’t clear, especially considering judicial responsibilities. But I believe that the New Federal State of China will save our people under any circumstances.

Because we have had ivermectin and artemisinin, it would be enough at the moment. We try it out on a small scale internally. It may be rolled out soon.

Thank you, Sister Ye Zhaoying. It is crucial to join the New Federal State of China.


Edited by: MikeHua
Posted by: Peter Chen

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