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Translated by: MOS English team – Tony MG

In the Philippine Presidential Election voted on the 9 May, the eldest son of former President Marcos, who was once called a dictator, was confirmed to be elected.

Image Source: bloomberg

Ferdinand Marcos, who is sure to be elected, is the eldest son of the late former President Marcos, who has established a dictatorship for over 20 years.

In the Philippines, the average age of the population is about 25, and Mr. Marcos is conducting an election campaign using SNS.

Image Source: business korea

He showed a sense of intimacy to the younger generation who did not understand dictatorship, which distinguished him from other candidates.

After his inauguration, he is expected to follow the line of the incumbent President Duterte, such as tough drug crackdown operation and a sychophant stance toward China.

In the Vice Presidential election held at the same time, Duterte’s eldest daughter, Sarah, is sure to win.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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