On May 10, 2022, Miles Guo revealed in the live broadcast that the credit between doctors and patients would go bankrupt in the future. The digital age using blockchain technology will revolutionize corrupt medical systems worldwide, and hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and regulators will no longer be able to collaborate to defraud patients.

Mr. Guo said that patients are the victims of the monopoly of pharmaceutical companies and the unspeakable relationship between drug companies and hospitals. This fraudulent relationship between insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals will change entirely in the future.

For example, major international financial companies entirely operate the current financial bookkeeping. With the advent of the global digital age, this is no longer the case. The previous accounting method will be changed to blockchain accounting, which will become an unchangeable accounting method. Blockchain technology has changed almost everything about human beings.

If the future blockchain technology is placed on medicine, hospitals, insurance, costs and the results of treating diseases, then all the past medical scams will be exposed. In the future, where you see a doctor and what medicine you buy will not be determined by the media, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and the Medical Administrations.

“They’re a bunch of underworlds. Every society is like this. Not just in China, the United States, anywhere. Its system is like this. With the digitalization of the future, this will all change. You can’t lie. Everyone can choose. Especially in the future, when blockchain coins and digital currencies are prevalent, I can go to any platform in the world to buy medicine, find the doctor I want most, and want the treatment and medication to cure the disease 100%.” Mr. Guo said.


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