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On May 8th, Miles Guo reposted an article from Gnews on Gettr, sharing a touching story that occurred during the departure of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) Ukrainian rescue team from the Toronto airport in Canada.

In March, the third group of NFSC rescue volunteers from Vancouver, Canada, converged in Toronto for their departure for Poland. Since the team were unable to provide vaccine passports, they were denied boarding. However, in response to the desperate need for personnel support on the Ukrainian rescue front, Rubicon, Yisan, Harley and other fellow fighters, began to negotiate with the ground crew.

The team members repeatedly pleaded with the ground crew, but the ground crew at the check-in counter still unyieldingly stuck to their decision. The volunteers’ determination to participate in the humanitarian rescue inspired them not to give up any chance of finding a solution. Rubicon decided on the head of the check-in desk, Ivana, and introduced to her the NFSC and the purpose of the trip to Poland. After being told the stories such as the NFSC’s rescue of 96 children out of Ukraine, Ivana was deeply moved. She no longer hesitated and promised to address the situation to her supervisor immediately. Then, in less than ten minutes, Ivana’s authority agreed, which thrilled each and every NFSC volunteer at the airport.

The story of the “breaking through customs” at the Toronto airport once again shows that the new Chinese of the NFSC do not give up in face of difficulties, and bring their wisdom and power of action to the fullest. 

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