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Translated by: OX Translation Team – boylatin1L

On April 29th, a volunteer from Russia, Natasha who participate the humanitarian aid at the frontline in Medyka, Poland, was interviewed by Nicole, a fellow fighter of the New Federal State of China.

Natasha said: Many Russians do not support Putin. She sincerely hopes that the Russian and Chinese people can be free of tyranny. Therefore, she contributed with practical actions to help those Ukrainian refugees who lost their homes, showing Ukraine and the world that she would never agree with Putin’s behavior of launching a war against Ukraine. Many Russian volunteers have been jailed for opposing Putin and fined for protesting against the tyranny, but they are now happy to be able to help the Ukrainian people.

Natasha said that we are wearing white vests with the words “Russians support Ukraine,” sincerely wishing for a free Russia, with the Chinese people being free, and firmly believing that everyone will be free.


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Posted by: James L

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