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Mobile Eccentric Droid, referred to as MobED, is a robotics division acquired by Hyundai Motor Group from Boston Dynamics. Hyundai completed the acquisition in the summer of 2021. The acquired company, Boston Dynamics, is reportedly a derivative company of MIT.

The MobED has four uniquely positioned wheels. Each of the wheels features independent power and steering control systems that allow it to rotate in place and move in any direction. It also uses “eccentric wheel” technology and a drive control system, which can automatically adjust the wheelbase and steering, and even controls the overall posture of the body by lifting the center of gravity, shrinking, and expanding the wheelbase. It can maintain smooth movement in a variety of complex and challenging environments, with a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

With the coming disaster due to the CCP-virus vaccine, a large number of vaccine deaths, injuries and disabilities are inevitable. Certain industries can be replaced by robots to get cheaper or scarce labor. For people who become ill or disabled by the CCP-virus vaccines, robots can help them live well and improve their quality of life.

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