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According to Taiwanese media reports on May 9th, Tong Zhiwei, a professor at East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) and a renowned constitutional scholar, recently published a signed opinion on Weibo, a CCP controlled social media platform, accusing the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) regime of illegally forcing people to be detained in the container hospital isolation site, and that it had no right to break into people’s properties against their wills to carry out the so-called “disinfection”. Not long after the publication of the article, it was removed and censored by the CCP across the internet.

According to Tong Zhiwei, the opinion was formed with the participation of more than 20 professors from renowned universities such as Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong university.

The opinion states that
1. It is illegal for the CCP authorities to use coercive means to detain residents in the container hospital isolation site.
2. No institution in Shanghai has the right to ask people to hand over the keys to their homes and to enter them for sterilization.
3. If the Shanghai Committee of the CCP and the Shanghai Government consider that a “state of emergency” has arisen, they should request the National People’s Congress (NPC) or the State Council of China, in accordance with the Constitution of China, before taking appropriate measures.

He also mentioned that a state of emergency is a legal state and must be declared by a competent authority in accordance with the Constitution before it is raised or exists. Therefore, the current state of emergency decided or declared by any organization or official in Shanghai has no legal basis and is false. The excessive precautionary measures have caused a very serious state of affairs and the public has reacted strongly.

This article, which described the various violations of China’s existing laws that took place in Shanghai during the city’s lockdown, pointed out the violations against the law. In response, the CCP authority had removed this article in just a few hours and permanently banned his Weibo account stating “This user is banned for violating community conventions”.

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