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On April 30, news from the front line rescue team in Medyka Poland: Volunteer Nicole, a fellow fighters,interviewed a Dutch volunteer and talked about the Rule of Lau Foundation (ROLF), the Ukrainian rescue operation of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), as well as the mission of the NFCS to Take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Dutch volunteer told Nicole that it was unexpected to see the Chinese people in Medyka rescue camp, because in his impression, only Europe and the United States could do humanitarian relief. He was pleased to see the emergence of NFSC Chinese, which showed that not all Chinese supported the CCP and the war.

He also said that the global expansion of the CCP is threatening the free world, and Western politicians will eventually pay a heavy price if they are comproised by the CCP out of their greed. Therefore, he admired Miles Guo’s courage and wisdom. Five years ago, Miles Guo warned the Western world at the National News Club in Washington, D.C., not to be fallen by BGY plan of the CCP. The CCP has eroded freedom and the rule of law in the United States, and also penetrated the economic and financial fields of the States. Shan Weijian’s PAG defrauded Americans of pensions funds to invest into the CCP controlled companies. The world needs brave people like Miles Guo to confront the evil forces.

Image Source: national review

The rescue operation of the NFSC in Medyka makes it crystal cleear to the world, that the new Chinese, unlike the CCP,are determined to destroy the CCP. Consequently, the NFSC has gained the recognition and support of the world, and its influence is increasing day by day.


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