Now, Wang Huning of the CCP, Xi felt that, China is in the position of the US during the second world war, once the war starts, US will fall into the dust like UK, USD will be crushed.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】May 6th, 2022 Xi Believes Currently China Is Like the Us Before the Second World War, Then It Will Develop Like Japan After the War


We’ve talked about Model’s law. Xi believes this is his turn. Secondly, the second world war, who started it first? Keep in mind, the economy’s freedom. Market pursuit of freedom, currency, British Pound is a worldwide currency, standards on gold, then what? A lot of currencies started to challenge it. Then from UK, Germany, France. They got into the war first. Even Japan started the war in Asia, got everybody involved, included Australia at the time, then on the US side. The US was already a powerful country, and they got involved in the war as well. Once the war was over. UK was crushed. Then US became powerful.

Now, Wang Huning of the CCP, Xi felt that China is in the position of the US during the second world war. Once the war starts, US will fall into the dust like UK. USD will be crushed. During the second world war, half of the world GDP and civilization. Now, it accounts for only one quarter. US got issues with drugs.  Two parties’ civil conflicts, the competitive capacity of the US is nothing comparable to that during the second world war. The CCP believes China is already half of the US. We are the second largest economy of the world. We are the largest market of the world. We have the biggest consumption of the population. Once the war starts, we will eliminate USD. RMB will be NO. 1 in the world.

Now, how are they going to start the war? Just like during WWII, aligned with Putin. Putin will take on Ukraine. I will take on Taiwan, or I will just hold the trigger. I can challenge the US with trade and economy. You all can see that once the war kicked off in Russia and Ukraine, it triggered wars with somewhat of 40 countries. During the time before WWII, at the beginning only a few countries were involved, eventually a few dozen countries were involved. Eventually, the association joined. By the end of the day, now, it went beyond WWII. Now, Xi saw the war of Russia and Ukraine. He believes more than ever in Model’s law.

More importantly, he believes in the axis civilization. He believes in the axis is coming back to him to domine the eastern world. The CCP is going to dominate the world. Americans must die. Europeans must die. This consequence is just like Japan and Germany after the WWII. He believes after this war, Japan will have a quick recovery very soon, their pre-war’s economy. Toyota stuff were all rising. Germany got BMW and Siemens, all started to rise. War economy and war civilization all were motivated. Xi believes all of this is going to happen in China. He will be like post-war Germany and Japan. The productivity will revive soon. Eventually, he believes that they are going to be like the US after WWII. UK falls apart, then US rises. Xi has no doubt about it at all.

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