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Translated by: MOS English Team-Jack H

It is reported on May 5th, that the Tennessee Legislatre passed a bill, treating people who have acquired natural immunity after infection of Covid-19 as equal to having had vaccination, and recover proof can be used to replace vaccination certificate. Meanwhile, the bill went into effect immediately without the Governor’s signature.

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The Governor of Tennessee said although the bill would likely infringe the interests of businesses that need to make vaccination decisions on their own terms, it has the support of a majority of the state’s lawmakers and incapable to be overturned.

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It is reported the state has shifted its focus from vaccination to natural immunization as early as last year in a legal challenge to the Federal Government’s authorization of mandate vaccine. At present, the Tennessee Department of Health has recognized the immunity of human antibodies and T cells against the Covid-19 can provide more significant and effective protections than mere vaccination.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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