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Translator: MOS English Team – Winter Li

In the live broadcast on May 8th, Miles Guo fondly recalled his parents’ education and influence on him, expressing that it was his parents who helped him to acknowledge the fundamental principles of being a human being that led to the achievements he has today and strengthened his determination to take down the CCP.

Miles said that his parents’ influence on him was the foundation to the success of the Whistleblower Movement which has achieved today. His parents, who were ordinary but great, raised eight of their children with great hardship under extremely difficult conditions. This feat was a miracle in itself. His parents were able to maintain their principles and never lose themselves despite coming across all difficult situations, separations, deaths, or sufferings the family experienced over the years. Even after Miles succeeded, his parents still retained the simple nature of peasants, namely diligence, thrifty, honesty, tolerance, and goodness, and constantly reminded Miles to stay away from the Chinese Communist Party officials. His parents’ deep-seated fear of power and the CCP deeply influenced Miles’ life.


Proofread/Edited by : Jing L.
Chief Editor: Janibek L
Posted by: Moli C.