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Translated by: MOS Translation team – Tony MG

Prime Minister Kishida expressed his intention to proceed step by step with regard to the “principle embargo on Russian oil” in order to reduce the impact on people’s lives.

The government plans to accelerate “diversification of energy sources.”

Image Source: FNN

Prime Minister Kishida said, “The reduction of oil imports, or the period of suspension, etc., will be studied in the future according to the actual situation.”

Prime Minister Kishida emphasized, “Taking the time to take steps to get out of the game,” and said “methods that will minimize adverse effects on people’s lives and business activities.”

Regarding the restart of nuclear power plants, he reiterated the policy that “Putting safety as the top priority, and proceeding with local understanding as the premise.”

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said added “will also promote efforts to diversify energy sources and supply sources in order to reduce Russia’s dependence on energy.”

Image Source: nippon

Regarding the “diversification of energy sources,” Mr. Matsuno explained that he would “adopt all means,” citing the use of renewable energy and nuclear power.


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