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Translated by: Tokyo Sakura Group – Garrettw

On May 8th, the leaders of Group Seven (G7) said in the joint statement, they will strengthen the economic isolation of Russia, and elevate the actions against Russia’s elites who support Putin.

Image Source: reuters

The leaders said after their online conference with President Zelenskyy, they will cut off the key service of Russia and increase the isolation of Russia in all sectors related to its economy. They pledge to reduce their dependence on Russia’s energy step by step, including a ban on imports of Russia oil.

On Sunday the United States announces their sanctions on three Russia’s Television Stations and bans Americans to provide accounting and consulting services to Russia.  The senior executives of Russia’s liquid nature gas bank (Gazprombank) are also sanctioned as a punishment for Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Image Source: ukraine world

However, Putin calls Russia’s invasion as a special military operation, with the purpose of disarming Ukraine, getting rid of the Anti-Russian Nationalism fermented by the West. Ukraine and its alliance said, Russia has waged an unprovoked war.


During the Miles Grand Live, Mr. Miles emphasized once again, Russian-Ukrainian War is actually the war between the Communist China and the United States. During the war the East and West camps are clearly differentiated. G7 represents the West, while axis of evil is the dictatorship regime in the East. This War has been going on for more than 70 days. It is believed that the war is coming to an end. The post war interest of each country was carved up. There will be extremely tough sanctions against the CCP, which will be hundred times severe than the Russia faces now.

Image Source: the guardian


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