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Translated by: MOS Education Team – Zee Li

Over the past week, the price of Himalayan Coin has risen slightly to around $46, with an average daily trading volume of about 60,000 coins. The total trading volume of HCoin since its launch is about 36.6 million , accounting for only about 3.66% of this year’s total mintage. Trading of HCoin is not yet fully available worldwide, and the price is still seriously undervalued.

Miles Guo revealed in his recent live broadcast that 50% of the HCoin investment in the last month came from investors outside the Whistleblower Movement fellow fighters. A U.S. company with a brand purportedly worth several hundred billion dollars recently expressed its interest in accepting HPay for trading its products. Since the launch of HCoin, Himalaya Exchange has not yet done any advertising or any promotion, but is fully focused on technology upgrade, R&D and obtaining more financial licenses. If HCoin had started advertising after obtaining all the licenses, the influx of money would have been unimaginable. Although Himalaya Exchange and G-Series are thriving, Miles recently testified publicly in court that he does not hold any shares in HCoin or Himalaya Exchange.

The current global economic collapse and vaccine disaster has already started, as the Russia-Ukraine war will continue to escalate. In this regard, Miles said that HCoin and G-series will maintain an upward trend when the world economy falls off a cliff. After this round of disasters, the world will usher in the era of digital currencies. The future of digital currencies will definitely not have digital RMB, nor will it be led by fiat currencies. And, HCoin will definitely be an important part of it.


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Posted by: Emily G

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