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Translated by: MOS English Team – CloudSky

According to Taiwan media reports, U.S. Federal congressman Mark Green stated in an interview on May 6 that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) should learn from Russia’s disastrous defeat in Ukraine and reconsider its Taiwan policy. If the CCP insists on invading Taiwan, it will face a global counterattack.

Green said that Communist China is different from Russia, Taiwan and Ukraine is also very different. Taiwan produces 94% of the world’s advanced chips, so there is no country will tolerate Taiwan being controlled by the CCP. The U.S. will certainly take tough measures to counter the potential invasion of the CCP, and the world’s support for Taiwan would exceed its help to Ukraine.

Green expressed that the Taiwan Relations Act has been enacted for many years, and the United States should continue to sell more military equipment to Taiwan to strengthen its defense system. The CCP should reconsider the consequences if invades Taiwan.


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Posted by: Emily G

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