Author: dare to think, dare to do
Translator/Editor: Janyvo

Light, such a familiar word, unawarely, is growing dimmer on us;

Justice, such a familiar word, unawarely, is drifting away from the world;

Freedom, such a familiar word, is slippering away from us all!

Darkness has seized the world, running rampant, slaughtering the innocent, we will stand up against the darkness, and fight to the end!

Brothers! Wake up!

Brothers, shoulder-to-shoulder we fight against the darkness, and continue blowing the trumpet of victory!

Our vigorous and righteous calling will crash darkness and achieve victory!

We are the light, turning into the dawn to lighten up the world!

A mission granted to us from Heaven to defeat the darkness (going undercover as the hunt is on!), we will continue to blow the trumpet of unity!

We do not concede to evil, never!

We will fight until the light is brought back to this world! In fact, victory has already arrived at the darkest hours!

Let the light be the judge of evil!

For the light of justice that will not be extinguished.

Published by:Wenwu

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