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On May 9, Mr. Miles Guo said in a live broadcast that the economy will see drastic changes in the days from Monday to Friday, and the infection rate of the virus will continue to rise, and the world economy is already on the verge of collapse. The U.S. economy, the CCP economy, and the Hong Kong economy will not be good, and the Hong Kong economy will be even worse, and the Hong Kong currency will end up in the process of economic collapse.

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Mr. Miles warned his fellow fighter in the peaceful areas of Western Europe that the economy is a huge challenge; those in Northern Europe and Eastern Europe will see brutal and intense wars with the same economic challenges; those in Asia will not fare well; and those in Communist China are in the worst situation. At a time when the CCP’s domestic economy is collapsing, fellow fighters are warned not to touch A-shares, Hong Kong stocks and other financial products that will cost them their lives.

Mr. Miles advises everyone that the key issue now is not to vaccinate, not to compete with anyone, to abandon the illusion of great wealth and prosperity, and to live healthily and well in the face of the vaccine disaster and the great economic collapse.

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