1. U.S. State Department updates the U.S.-Taiwan relations webpage to remove “Taiwan is part of China.”

2. German Foreign Minister Baerbock paid a surprise visit this morning to the Ukrainian town of Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv, to pay homage to the site of mass graves and deadly streets where civilians were abused and killed by Russian troops during the occupation.

3.Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov arrived in Algiers yesterday evening, where Algeria, a key ally of Moscow and a gas exporter, is increasingly favored by European countries seeking to reduce their dependence on Russian gas.

4. Rutube, a Russian video platform, admitted today that the platform is still unable to operate because it has suffered “the largest cyberattack in history”. Russian video platform Rutube aspires to become a competitor to the American giant YouTube. Other major Russian propaganda media have also been hacked since yesterday.

5. The Indo Pacific Sea Power Conference 2022 (IP22), hosted by the Australian Department of Defense, is held in Sydney until the 12th, with representatives from 40 countries attending. However, with the deterioration of relations between Australia and China and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China and Russia were not invited or had their invitations withdrawn and were unable to attend the conference.

6. On the evening of 9, French President Macron and German Chancellor Scholz announced their “full support” for Ukraine as they walked together under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a symbol of the Cold War, and illuminated the occasion with the colors of the country invaded by Russia.

7. On Monday, the day Moscow commemorated its World War II victory parade, several Russian TV stations were hacked, and anti-war declarations were broadcast on their screens.

8. Russia has now officially cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria after the two countries announced they were refusing to pay for their long-term Russian gas contracts in rubles.

9. Chinese constitutional law authority Tong Zhiwei criticized the unconstitutionality of forcibly sending people to mobile cabin hospitals and trespassing on people’s homes, and his personal Weibo account was canceled.

10. This year, China’s central bank has handed over RMB 800 billion ($119 billion) in profits to the central government to support fiscal spending, according to official Chinese media reports. The world’s second-largest economy is currently facing significant downward pressure.

11. The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote early this week on a nearly $40 billion U.S. aid package to Ukraine to help the embattled country fight Russia’s invasion and sustain its economy.

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