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On May 3, The Chancellor of Germany, Scholz, Swedish Prime Minister Andersson and Finnish Prime Minister Marin held a joint press conference. Scholz said that Germany would support Sweden and Finland’s decision to join NATO. “No one can say for sure that Russia will not attack other countries. If Finland and Sweden decide to join NATO, Germany will assist them, ” said Scholz.

Finnish Prime Minister Marin said that Russia’s aggression against its neighbors “has completely changed our security environment” and that “there is no way back”. She said, “Russia has made it clear that it will not adhere to the basic principles of European security and international regulations.” She also stressed that “NATO’s ‘open door’ policy is all the more important to us because of Russia’s false claim to dictate the choices of others”.

Swedish Prime Minister, Andersson, said that the Swedish government and the political parties in parliament were analyzing the country’s security policy and that the outcome of the decision on whether to join NATO would be announced on the 13th.  She concluded by saying that “Sweden is adapting to the new situation”.

Article: Chancellor of Germany: Germany Will Support Finland and Sweden’s Decision to Join NATO

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