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A CCP media reported on May 3 that when Shanghai was about to lift the lockdown, the CCP continued to implement the CCP’s vaccination work and focus on vaccinating the elderly. Analysts pointed out that although the CCP has plans to unlock Shanghai, it will still implement it with its virus vaccination. According to the CCP’s domestic media news on March 9, out of Shanghai’s 25 million population, 10 million people have been vaccinated with booster shots, and more than 22 million people have completed two vaccinations, with a total of more than 55 million vaccinations. However, from the end of March to today, Shanghai has still undergone a de facto lockdown due to the expansion of the epidemic. This shows that the CCP virus vaccine is not only ineffective, but also very harmful, making the human body more susceptible to infection.

Meanwhile, on May 3, the Zhengzhou Covid Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarter issued a notice that a number of CCP virus epidemic restrictions will be implemented in Zhengzhou. According to the notice, the main restrictive measures include: prohibition of entering and leaving the city, closed management of communities, suspension of work and school, multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing, etc., which are exactly the same as the blockade measures in Shanghai, Beijing and other places.

All of these reports testified what Miles Guo has reiterated: the CCP virus is just only the trigger, but the vaccine is the real poison. The purpose of the CCP is to eliminate the low-end population, as well as the elderly population who cannot participate in labor. Nowadays, most of the virus outbreaks in the CCP are caused by the CCP vaccine. Shanghai, Beijing, Zhengzhou and other places have more injections of the CCP vaccine. In order to cover up the truth of the vaccine, the CCP will block these cities over and over again.

Article: Status of the Pandemic and Lock Down in the Communist China

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