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It is reported that on May 4, the Biden administration is planning to impose sanctions on Hikvision. This Chinese surveillance camera company is suspected of having a military background in the Communist China. Any company and government that continues to implement agreements with Hikvision, could risk violating the U.S. sanctions.

The report said that the authorities have not yet made a final decision. But if the sanctions are implemented, it will affect many large global cities such as New York, London and Singapore. This is the first time that the United States has imposed relevant sanctions on a major Chinese communist Party’s (CCP’s) science and technology enterprise.

The U.S. had accused Hikvision of being an ordinary Chinese technology company on the table, controlled by the CCP under the table and providing all surveillance data to the CCP.

According to sources, in view of the possible impact of the measures on more than 180 countries that have adopted the Hikvision lens, the US government had begun briefing allies of this intention. More than 1000 cities around the world use Hikvision cameras, according to Top10VPN, a technology research company. The company’s top five international markets are Vietnam, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

Article: U.S. May Impose Sanctions on Hikvision

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