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According to a new report published by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) on May 3, congestion at most ports around the world is now more serious than last year. About one-fifth of the global container fleet is immobilized by congestion and the rate of ships arriving at their destinations on time below 40%.

The report mentions that the congestion at the Port of Los Angeles-Long Beach, the largest port in the United States, has not been improved as a result of the blockade measures imposed on ships at Chinese ports. This is due to the slowdown in cargo ship activity across the Pacific. Hence, congestion at the Port of Los Angeles-Long Beach is worse than ever.

There are currently 344 vessels waiting to enter the port of Shanghai, a 34% increase over last month. It will take 74 days longer than usual to ship goods from warehouses in China to the United States. If you want to ship from Communist China to Europe, the average delay is four days, the delay will have a knock-on effect.

The report believes that the supply chain problems faced in 2022 are mainly due to Communist China’s blockade and the Russia-Ukraine war. The current marine fuel prices and insurance costs continue to soar, which will eventually be reflected on consumers and exacerbates inflation. The Inflation rate in the United States has reached its highest level in 40 years. 

Article: Supply Chain Problems Remain Unsolved as Major Ports Continue to Be Congested

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