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According to Mr. Miles Guo’s Gettr live report on May 3, the CCP is testing the people’s endurance limit, the social supply limit test, and reducing all the Chinese people’s desires to the extent that as long as they can survive, they will not rebel even if they eat grass.  This is to prepare for the next food crisis, political crisis, and economic crisis.

The ultimate goal of all the CCP’s nucleic acid tests and isolation limit tests is to let the people accept them and turn them into slaves.  But as the whole story of the mass death caused by the quarantine in Shanghai gradually comes to light, all this will change with the Whistleblower Movement.

Whether in Ukraine or in the United States, the Whistleblower Movement is changing the fate of mankind, the global comrades in arms and even the entire Chinese people, including those who have just escaped from Shanghai and Changchun, and those who are ideologically anti-brainwashing, awakened and conscious.  At this moment, all the energies are gathering. On the eve of the instant burst of power all this is crucial.

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