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According to The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), the official Canadian government database and report service platform, a “COVID-19 Daily Epidemiology Update” on May 2, 2022, shows that 227 individuals who have received CCP virus vaccination died as “COVID death” compared to only 1 unvaccinated person among the eligible population in Canada between April 10-17. 

During the reporting week of Apr 10 to 17, the number of COVID deaths cases categorized in vaccination status is reported as below:

The report indicates that 99.6% of COVID deaths are attributed to the CCP virus vaccinated groups during the recording week.

As of Apr 28, 2022, Canada ranks 6th among the countries with the world’s highest vaccination rate of the CCP virus vaccines. According to PHAC reports, in Canada, 81.57% of the total eligible population has been “fully vaccinated” for the CCP virus vaccine; 84.83% of the total population has received at least 1 dose of the CCP virus vaccine. 

Among Canada’s eligible population who have received the CCP virus vaccines, there are more than 1.6 million children 5-11 years old, among whom 73% are “fully vaccinated” of the CCP virus vaccine.

A statistic report shows the total administered doses of CCP virus vaccines in Canada by each manufacturer and brand name, that as of Apr 28th, 2022:

In total, around 96.6 million CCP virus vaccines have been administered across Canada. The vaccine manufactured by Pfizer/BioNTech Comirnaty is the CCP virus vaccine most administered in Canada.

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