While the fake news is busy blaming President Trump for ‘mishandling’ the pandemic, many Chinese Americans are protesting in Washington DC against the Chinese Communist Party for unleashing the virus as a biochemical weapon.

The protest is organized by the Whistleblower Movement, a global grassroots anti-communist movement with hundreds of millions of participants around the world, especially in mainland China.

Jack Maxie, one of the co-hosts of War Room Pandemic, was also participating in the protest and broadcasting live from the scene.

The Whistleblower Movement is the first group to reveal the truth about the CCP-virus, a biochemical weapon developed by the CCP with the purpose to kill, weaken, and destroy the US.

The protesters, including many Chinese Americans, are gathering in front of the CCP’s embassy in Washington DC.

The recent Neo-Marxism riots around the world are also backed by the Chinese Communist Party according to the leader of the Whistleblower Movement Miles Guo, who warned the US in 2017 that the CCP already started its unrestricted warfare against the US.

The fake news’ attacks on President Trump and the mainstream’s silence on the origin of the virus show how deeply the CCP has infiltrated the west.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken side with the CCP, endangering the whole world during the fight against the CCP-virus.

A participant of the protest said that she had been protesting against the CCP for years in front of the United Nation’s headquarter in New Year City and she was determined to take down the CCP.

The protesters were waving American flags and the flags of the New Federal State of China, established on June 4th, 2020 to bring rule of law, democracy, and freedom to 1.4 billion Chinese people.

Anti CCP-virus Protest in Washington DC – Part 3
Anti CCP-virus Protest in Washington DC – Part 2
Anti CCP-virus Protest in Washington DC – Part 1

As of 1:30 PM US Eastern Time (1:30 AM Beijing time)

There were close to three million people watching the protest live on G-TV (https://gtv.org), many are mainland Chinese using VPNs to get through the firewall.

Like GNews, G-TV is a media platform created for the Whistleblower Movement because the participants are often banned on the pro-CCP social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, etc.

The protesters were chanting in both Chinese and English:

As of 2:10 PM US Eastern Time (2:10 AM Beijing time)

The protesters were leaving the CCP’s embassy at Washington DC and heading for the White House to show support for President Trump and the US government.

As of 3:40 PM US Eastern Time (3:40 AM Beijing time)

Over one hundred protesters gathered at a designated area to show their support for President Trump and the anti-CCP force in the US.

China’s soccer star Hao Haidong, who has many connections in the sports circle, also presented evidence of the CCP’s cover-up of the virus during a live broadcast of the protest on G-TV.

Joined the live streaming from his home in Spain, Mr. Hao said that the national female soccer team was in Wuhan on Jan 20, 2020, during the outbreak of the CCP virus. The government suddenly disbanded the team and asked them to leave quickly before the Wuhan lockdown. Without knowing the virus, Ms. Wang Shuang, a Wuhan native and a member of the soccer team, did not leave the city because she had nowhere else to go.

Early in the morning on Jan 23 right before the official announcement of the Wuhan lockdown, Ms. Wang got a phone call from a manager of the team urging her to drive out of Wuhan immediately. She posted her experience on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) to express her gratitude for the “caring” of the team but had to take it down because she unintentionally leaked the CCP’s cover-up of the virus.

Mr. Hao said that Ms. Wang got the advanced notice to leave Wuhan only because she was an “asset” to the CCP as a member of the national soccer team. The CCP does not care about the lives of ordinary persons. Furthermore, the CCP halted the domestic flights but not the international flights coming out of Wuhan after the lockdown allowing the virus to spread globally.

Mr. Hao said that we must let the world know that the CCP’s never stopped killing throughout its reign.

“We did not make this up. Sara did not make this up. Mr. Miles Guo did not make this up. Ms. Wang Shuang wrote this herself in her Weibo post.” Mr. Hao added. “Even though Ms. Wang’s Weibo post was deleted, but it can never be deleted from the internet.”

After 70 years of tyranny, there are still 600 million Chinese, about 40% of the Chinese population, live on a meager monthly income of 1000 Yuan (about 140 US dollars) according to the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. “So it is time to get rid of the evil terrorist organization,” said Mr. Hao.