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Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – Happybird

On May 6, local time, according to the document published by the Communist China’s government, starting in September 2022, the proportion of English course for primary and middle school students will be reduced, and Russian and Japanese will be added.

English, as a commonly used language around the world, has been a main subject of education in Communist China for a long time. There are many after-school English tutoring classes, both for children and adults. Since the CCP-virus pandemic started, the CCP government had strictly tightened rules on after-school tutoring classes in the name of lessening students’ learning burdens.

Therefore, English tutoring businesses encountered great setbacks, and many have closed their business, famous ones like Wall Street English, EF Education, Disney English, etc. The industry giant New Oriental Education & Technology has also suffered heavy setbacks.

Per the new rule, from September, English will no longer be the main subject, and English course will be reduced to only be 6% to 8% of the total school course. If students don’t like to learn English, they can choose Japanese or Russian.  Even some schools in Shanghai have cancelled English exams.

Miles Guo previously posted in Gettr that it may soon be a crime to speak and write English in the Communist China. Following the government discouraging rules at school and strict regulations on English tutoring business, fewer people will choose or be able to learn English. English, the world’s first common language, a communication bridge connecting Chinese to the West, yet will be gradually eliminated from the Communist China.

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