May 10th,2022

NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins holds up a model of the coronavirus on Capitol Hill on May 26, 2021. (Sarah Silbiger/Pool via AP)

According to a story by The Epoch Times on May 9th, 2022, it talks about how an estimated $350 million in undisclosed royalties were paid to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and hundreds of its scientists, including the agency’s recently departed director, Dr. Francis Collins, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, according to a nonprofit government watchdog.

“We estimate that up to $350 million in royalties from third parties were paid to the NIH scientists during the fiscal years between 2010 and 2020,” Open the Books CEO Adam Andrzejewski told reporters in a telephone news conference on May 9th.

“We draw that conclusion because, in the first five years, there has been $134 million that we have been able to quantify of top-line numbers that flowed from third-party payers, meaning pharmaceutical companies or other payers, to NIH scientists.”

So now that we all know about these dodgy under-the-table payments where are the arrests, where are the investigations, and where are the stories about this in the mainstream media ?

The first five years, from 2010 to 2014, constitute 40 percent of the total, he said. “We now know that there are 1,675 scientists that received payments during that period, at least one payment. In the fiscal year of 2014, for instance, $36 million was paid out and that is on average $21,100 per scientist,” Andrzejewski said.

“We also find that during this period, leadership at NIH was involved in receiving third-party payments. For instance, Francis Collins, the immediate past director of NIH, received 14 payments. Dr. Anthony Fauci received 23 payments and his deputy, Clifford Lane, received eight payments.”

It seems that this has all been happening in plain sight, money has been paid to many so-called scientists for what favours ?, hush money ?, commissions ?, now that this information has been revealed I wonder what will happen next, I suggest that not much will happen and this news story will be swallowed up with yet more Ukraine good Russia bad stories.

Editors Comments: This only goes to show just how corrupt Fauci and his big pharma chums actually are. This is yet more proof that the mainstream media is an outdated and obviously biased and totally corrupt institution that needs to be replaced by a more honourable and relatively unsullied group of people that will deliver what people actually want. THE TRUTH.

For more information regarding this story simply click the link: Nonprofit Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million in Secret Payments to Fauci, Collins, Others at NIH

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