Author: Jin Ming
Translator: WLQF

I woke up in the early morning to noise from the street. When I got up and looked outside, I noticed several buses coming. This was because a patient diagnosed as positive was found in the residential neighborhood next door during the closure and the entire building was pulled away for quarantine at 5am.

Health department raises doubts about UWM labs after receiving a large number of preliminary positive test results at the same time(from the internet)

Last night, I talked to my comrades so late that the diary of the closed city was stopped. Shanghai’s comrades are tired of nucleic acid, grabbing vegetables, and fearing that their friends and relatives are being taken away to quarantine and various lost events around them. How to leave the mainland and how to live overseas is a topic that has not been stopped in the past few years. I realized the evil nature of the CCP and the coming disaster long ago, but my loved ones still could not accept the coming truth. Despite the fact that they have been beaten by the Communist Party’s iron fist again and again over the years, they still have hope for it. Finally this time it was my turn to be blocked and isolated.

It rained yesterday and was surprisingly cold, so I put on a thin down jacket. This morning I was woken up by the noise and found a lot of buses coming from underneath the residential area next to me. Residents were dressed in white protective clothing, pulling simple luggage, and were pulled away for centralized quarantine.

Yesterday at a briefing on the epidemic in Beijing, Pang Xinghuo said that there are patients in Beijing who are nucleic acid negative still have symptoms of new crowns. The Chinese Communist government has no bottom line, and they might as well just say lock all the people up at home for doing so. That way, nucleic acid doesn’t have to be done.

I got up late in the morning and slipped out to buy some fresh vegetables. I came back and made fried pork with green peppers, egg soup with nori and rice.

In the afternoon, a young girl came to the house to make the nucleic acid. She wrapped three plastic bags around her waist with clear tape, one pocket for swabs, one for virus culture reagents, and one for garbage. The kits with swabs were put together with the unused ones. I asked her, “Will this create cross infection? The girl said, “I’ve been to 40 families today, and I’ve done almost 130 people. My back is breaking, and I can’t care about that much.”

I would like to say that this is done for the nucleic acid testing done to expand the infection on the one hand, and the nucleic acid testing done to seal the city on the other.

Since I was inside the wall, I could only be calm about a lot of things.

After doing the nucleic acid, I quickly went to eat the artemisinin, in waiting for them Miles Guo’s live.

Today is Mother’s Day, I would like to wish all the mothers in the world a happy holiday.

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