Author: Jin Ming
Translator: yuddy

The CCP’s deception is evident in all aspects; the only constant is the sacrifice of ordinary people’s lives and interests.

A community in Beijing which has positive Covid-19 patients are conducting nucleic acid test(CNN)

This morning, I awoke naturally, waited for the nucleic acid test to arrive at my door, but arrived three hours later than the appointment time, and chatted with one of the volunteers. The little girl carried a medical waste bag, which was filled with cotton swabs and culture bottles, and began administering the nucleic acid test to close contacts.

I was surprised and asked if this would not result in cross-contamination. Mine was initially fine. Under such conditions, combining all of these cotton swab nucleic acid tests will result in a positive. The young lady stated, “I’m sorry, but I’m unable to handle this right now. I just want the epidemic to end and to go home.” The protective cover was fogged in as she spoke. The young lady is a nursing student. She is only 18 years old. At 5:00 a.m., she began performing nucleic acid tests. She has not taken a break in five hours.

The CCP bandits’ deception and theft are truly reflected in all aspects, and the sacrifices are always the interests and lives of ordinary people.

I did not go out today. My comrades warned me that if I was caught or reported, I would cause trouble for myself and should not go out if there was nothing else to do. So, I chit chat with comrades from Europe to sleep, then the Americas, and half a day has passed.

I cooked a vegetable dish, a bowl of porridge, and a plate of pickles after working out.

The weather is hot; it is nearly thirty degrees during the day. If the power goes out in this weather, everything in the refrigerator will be ruined. My inverter is nowhere in sight. I have to think of another way.

The upstairs neighbors asked if I had any drinks; beer, coke, or anything would do, but I did not expect that I would have them. It was only on the fifth day. It has started to crumble. There is already a stench of garbage and running water in the community neighborhood.

I really do not understand. What do people who teach me to be confident all day with their garbage at home? Rely on “Four confidences”? If there are fools in this world, there will be liars. Only a liar can succeed every time he cheats, and the person who is cheated can become a lunatic.

A new farm has been established in the United Kingdom, and another farm has also been established in San Francisco. It is fantastic. There are hundreds of families gathered. The trend is about to shift.

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