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Next, we talk about “synergistic evolution.” From ancient times to the present, every innovation was a subversion. As one ppt said before, we invented tools that, in turn, changed us. Human evolved from apes to humans, but the mobile phones have led each of us heads down and bent down. It degenerates us. Rules themselves also are essentially a tool, created by us humans. We invented rules, and rules changed us. The conclusion is that technology can change culture and system. The bitcoin and blockchain thinking are catalyst. They accelerate social change. They are decentralized bottom-up bottom change. Here I share with you a famous case which was about the importance of culture. Why do every one of us were born from the mainland China brought our own “red poison.” To test the impact of culture on human character and quality, The University of Munich and Duke had done a psychological experiment. They chose 250 Berliners randomly to participate in the test. To determine whether the Germans would gain better benefits by lying and deception. After the game, the participants had to fill out a survey which asked their age and where were they living in East or West Germany. how long they were living there. The experimental results shew that participant who grew up in East Germany cheated twice than those who grew up in West Germany. The researchers concluded that the longer the participants contacted the socialism, the more likely they were to lie and cheat. So it is not that the Chinese have problems, but that communism has shaped our character and morality. It included that the Chinese born and raised in the mainland China have typical character traits. This is a typical case of “we created rules and then rules shaped us.” What’s the reason here? In the systems of East Germany or Mainland China, to gain competitive advantage needs deception and cheating. This value is related to the values of creating trade collaboration networks.

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