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On May 6th, Miles Guo revealed in a live broadcast that the CCP is locking down the cities in the name of the epidemic. In addition to testing the pressure, the most important thing is to prepare for war against the United States.

Miles pointed out that in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the most important thing is food. The U.S. helped Ukraine hit supply lines for Russian troops, causing heavy losses to Russia, and the CCP will definitely learn from it to prevent food and supply lines from being eliminated by the United States. Miles further explained that all the lockdown in Communist China is not due to the so-called expansion of the epidemic, but that Zhongnankeng (headed by Xi Jinping), understands that a war against the United States is inevitable, so it deliberately creates a crisis state. The purpose is to promote the circulation of the domestic economy. And reopen the supply and marketing cooperatives that solve the conflict between supply and demand in wartime. This is similar to Japan’s ” The unified distribution of all strategic materials” during World War II.

Miles also emphasized that the CCP is now asking everyone to save food, and using the epidemic as an excuse to lockdown the cities. Implementing mass vaccination to kill those unproductive the elderly. All of which to ensure the resources used in wartime such as food and medical care. Miles finally concluded that the Russian-Ukrainian war told everyone that the most important thing is food, followed by water, candles, matches, and other primitive necessities of life.

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