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On May 8, 1945, the former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany officially signed the Instrument of Surrender, which came into effect on May 8, 1945, Central European Time. The U.S. and Western European countries define May 8, and Russia and other Eastern European countries define May 9, as World War II(WWII) Victory Day.

WWII began with Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939. The fascist “Axis Powers”, led by Germany, invaded neighboring countries and other European countries. During WWII, Germany committed genocide against the Jews, killing approximately 6 million Jews, including about 1.5 million children. The Allied forces, consisting of the U.S., Britain, and the former Soviet Union, fought a massive counter-attack on the European battlefield, which ended with Hitler’s suicide and Germany’s defeat and surrender.

The former Soviet Union suffered some 27 million deaths and 60 million casualties in WWII, but the brutal experiences did not deter Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. In a brazen attempt to achieve his dream of a former Soviet empire, he launched a war and invaded neighboring Ukraine, resulting in the displacement of millions of refugees and the destruction of countless families. The indiscriminate bombing of residential areas by Russian forces has led to the destruction of a large number of civilian amenities. Meanwhile, the Bucha massacre and mass graves in the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine shocked the world.

 In this regard, dictator Putin has left behind the suffering of the former Soviet Union from the invasion of Nazi Germany during WWII and turned Russia into a New fascist.

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