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According to RFA’s report on May 8, 2022, The CCP’s vaccine is ineffective against the omicron variant, causing its exports in April to slump by 97 percent compared to its peak in September 2021. 

According to the reports from Japanese media on Sunday, the statistics from UNICEF shows that the vaccine exports from Sinopharm, Sinovac Biotech and CanSinoBio totaled 6.78 million doses in April, 97% drop from 225.08 million doses in September 2021.

Compared to Sinovac vaccine, Pfizer’s vaccine export in April was 55.69 million doses, 71% lower than that in September 2021, but more than 8 times the amount of Chinses vaccines. The U.S. export volume of Modena vaccine was 16.49 million doses in April, 57% lower than that last year, but exceeding the three companies mentioned above for the first time.

A paper published by the University of Hong Kong and other institutions in March showed that critical patients who got Sinovac vaccine are over three times as many as those who got the Pfizer vaccine based on a result of a survey made among 4,300 people who had been tested positive for Covid-19 after two doses of the vaccine in Hong Kong.

Original Article:打了科兴疫苗更易患重症 中共国产疫苗出口量暴跌 – GNEWS

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