According to AFP 8, Australian Prime Minister Morrison said Sunday that Australia will work with its allies to stop the Chinese Communist Party from establishing a military base in the Solomon Islands.  

China’s growing influence in the Pacific has also become a hot political issue during the Australian presidential election, following Beijing’s announcement in April that it had signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands. According to sources, Morrison has been criticized for failing to prevent communist China from signing the security agreement in a region where it has traditionally had a lot of influence and causing Morris’s conservative government to fall behind the opposition in recent polls.

In Sunday’s televised debate, Opposition Labor leader Anthony Albanese described it as a “major foreign policy failure”. Under the security agreement, the Chinese Communist Party may establish a military base in the Solomon Islands. Morrison responded that establishing a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands would cross a “red line” and that “Australia will work with its partners to ensure that this does not happen.”


Translated/Edited by: Lish
Published by: Wenwu

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