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Translated by: MOS English Team–Mark Wen, Juliet

During the live broadcast on May 6th, Miles Guo re-emphasized the mission of the NFSC and the next three things that need to be done after a profound analysis of the current world situation.

Miles Guo believes that at this stage, the Russian-Ukrainian war has heralded the end of the Putin era. After that, the world’s focus will eventually be on the war with the CCP. At present, food crisis, economic collapses, broken supply chains, soaring unemployment, and frequent vaccine disasters are breaking out around the world. These characteristics are very similar to the recessionary phenomenon in the world before World War II.

Miles Guo pointed out that under the current situation. first of all, it is necessary to ensure the food supply for GCLUB members, GTV veterans, and donors to the Rule of Law Fund in the face of war and economic collapse. Second, let the farmer owners make good use of the NFSC farm mechanism, making the farm a channel for more fellow fighters to communicate and ensure that fellow fighters have cash to buy medicine they need under any circumstances, so as to save more family and relatives. Third, it is necessary to cultivate more elite fellow fighters who are at the frontline in Medyka, and maintain the friendly relationships established on the frontline with various countries, groups and organizations.

Lastly, on top of the three points, Mr. Guo emphasized promoting HPay is the most important tasks of every farm, making HPay available globally. What HPay means to the Chinese is no less than the loans provided by the Rothschilds to countries during World War II. This will allow the New Federal State of China roots in Kyiv, a Russia without Putin, European countries and the United States of America during the economic downturn.

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