Author: Bill Wu
Translator: nstar

On April 19, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo spoke again on the topic of religion and worldview in the special live broadcast to mark the 5th anniversary of VOA’s broadcasting cessation. He pointed out:

– young people are not afraid of making mistakes, but of not following their faith.

– That religion is something other than faith; that Buddha Shakyamuni sought equality for all.

– Man has a DNA designed by the Master; only when he stands on his own is he worthy of following faith.

1.Young people should have faith

Miles Guo particularly enjoys speaking to young people about faith. Young people can say the wrong things, but it’s sad that you don’t discuss faith and religion. It’s sad that you only talk about bags and cars, about who your father is and who my father is, about fighting for your father and your wallet. Don’t be afraid of young people making mistakes; if you make mistakes all your life and eventually find the truth, you haven’t lived in vain.

2. What is faith and religion?

Faith is sexual procreation with uncertainty; he must not be exclusive, but must accept all things and be open to doubt.

Religion is asexual procreation and is exclusive; there is no uncertainty. Religion means that you must not change, you must not doubt, you must just be consistent; you must believe that a thousand years and ten thousand years are one story. The war in Ukraine, the virus and vaccine disaster, etc., show that all existing religions are powerless.

All religion, because of its certainty, makes it impossible for humanity to find the answer, because religion has given you the answer. Just like in Hinduism, you are a dog with four surnames, and you are born with sin, you cannot do anything in your life, and you cannot be a waiter; now you can deal with IT and drive a cab. You must never exceed the four surnames, only the next generation can do that. So what do you do? Donate land to be slaves.

3. The Buddha Siddhartha Mani

Siddhartha Mani was the second highest Indian prince with family name. His first question was: Why can’t I be a god? Why can’t I be the first surname? So Buddha Sakyamuni held that all people are equal and everyone has their own karma, which is why slavery should be abolished.

Thus, Buddha Sakyamuni was finally thrown out in India because he challenged the 10,000-year-old curse in India; anyone who tried to change the four-class system of family names would be eliminated by the curse. Buddha was abolished in India; but Buddha came to China and took root under the name of Zen Buddhism, and from Zen Buddhism came the philosophy of Buddha, which is also called Buddhism.

4. The Tang Monk and the Destruction of the Buddha in Huichang

In Chinese history, the Tang monk really existed and he was homosexual. When he returned with his disciples, he was received by Emperor Tang Taizong, who believed in Buddhism. But the disciple of the Tang monk who helped the emperor to copy the scriptures had an affair with the emperor’s daughter. The emperor thought this daughter was an idiot, and finally he had no choice but to destroy Buddhism. (See the destruction of Buddhism by Li Yan, Emperor Wu of Tang).

It’s all about the genitals. It is you who have messed with my daughter, I no longer believe you, I will destroy you. As a result, the Buddha did not allow believers to have sex and did not advocate marriage for monks.

5. Mankind has a master

Miles Guo is absolutely convinced that humanity has a master, and that’s what Miles believes; Miles believes that humanity doesn’t need a communist party now, that it doesn’t need Karl Marx; that communism is a bastard thing.

Earth emerged from a watery past that was hit by another planet and gave birth to a moon. Man is a carbohydrate. Plants, trees and rocks reproduce asexually and have never changed. Human beings are born in all colors and come out in all shapes and sizes.

6. Humans have a DAN designed by their masters

Miles believes humans have DNA designed by their masters…that Miles believes he is just like his mother.

Genes are like a black hole written by God, a new one is a universe. 4 trillion genes in each of our bodies, 4 billion of which die off and are renewed every day. False renewal is called cancer, and corrective renewal of false renewal is called immunity. Miles genuinely feels like he has superhuman immunity.

7. Buddhism cannot be taken care of by others; he is worthy of the exercise of faith only when he supports himself

Miles has a problem with Buddhism in real life and when he meets monks he asks them: Why do you need such a luxurious, air-conditioned temple? Why do you cultivate but ask others to support you for the rest of your life? Which Sutra of Buddha and Buddhism says this?

The brother of Buddha Sakyamuni (the greatest Buddha?) fought against these nobles until the day of his death. He was on his own and didn’t have to ask anyone for food. What he wanted was first name promotion and equality for all.

Miles went to every church, prayed and believed, but Miles was staunchly against the support of others. The highest state of man, just like our new Chinese Federation now, we all have the coin, it is everyone’s money, no one should be thanked; it is your decision, your participation, your payment, you deserve it. Faith has uncertainty, you have to adapt to the uncertainty in order to get the way to cultivate the right fruit.

Faith is uncertain, and uncertainty must be faced in order to find the right path. The road is bumpy and requires constant adjustment through challenges and doubts; But in any case, we must not be the ones who need to be taken care of.

You cannot ask for food with your hand outstretched in the pursuit of faith.

Since VOA “4.19” was discontinued, the most amazing thing for us is that some people within the Chinese Communist Party admire our group for getting better and better, and the longer we grow, the better and stronger we become.

Disclaimer: The series of articles “The True Meaning of the Himalaya” is a transcript of Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast. The author tries to summarize Miles Guo’s words in the main part of “The True Meaning of Himalaya”, focusing on topics such as Himalaya, supernatural forces, mysterious forces, space, extraterrestrials, souls, providence, heavenly mysteries, faith, gender, 正道主义(orthodoxy?), Miles Guo’s magical experience, etc. and related content . This kind of article does not mean that the true meaning of Miles’ expression has been understood correctly. As Mr. Miles Guo’s explanations become more detailed, they will be summarized in more detail in the future. In case of any discrepancies, Miles Guo’s live video will apply.