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Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu said on May 9th (Monday) that Taiwan’s invitation to participate in this month’s World Health Organization is “very difficult, but we are still actively fighting for it.” The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution last month calling on the State Department to submit a plan to help restore Taiwan’s observer status.

Image Source: CNA

The United States will host the second Global COVID-19 Summit on the 12th of this month. Last year (the first) was personally hosted by US President Joe Biden and Taiwan former Vice President Chien-jen Chen attended the meeting. For the second summit this year, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu confirmed today that Taiwan has been invited, and whether the candidate will be raised to the “presidential level”, he responded that the candidate and details could not be explained to the public.

The Global COVID-19 Summit will be hosted by the U.S. and Group of Seven (G7) presidency Germany, Group of Twenty (G20) presidency Indonesia, African Union presidency Senegal and Caribbean Community (CARICOM) presidency Belize.

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