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In the live broadcast on May 8, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo reveals that the new antidote can cure almost 99% of the people who received four or fewer doses of the Covid vaccine. He explains that the core of the long-arm jurisdiction is that the U.S. can seize all assets that were transacted through the U.S. dollar. He also talks about Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan, parents’ influence on children, and GEDU. Below are the highlights of the broadcast. 

Pelosi is likely to visit Taiwan by the end of June.

Pelosi visiting Taiwan means that the U.S. recognizes Taiwan as a country and a major power status. Starting today, Mr. Miles Guo places a bet at 1000/1 that Pelosi  visits Taiwan by the end of June. However, the trip won’t happen if the CCP strikes the island before then. 

Blinken canceled his China policy speech, but he has revealed the message that China will be the number one competitor and enemy of the United States down the road.

Poland and Ukraine are like Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Ukraine has been preparing for war with Russia for decades. Poland will be forced into war even if it doesn’t want to because Poland and Ukraine are like Taiwan and Hong Kong on the same boat.

Today is Mother’s Day. The great mothers of Ukraine raised generations of brave Ukrainians, such as Zelenskyy. The Jews of Ukraine are the most courageous Jews.

Excessive worship of Putin led to his failure. Xi will pretend to emphasize collective leadership.

Putin’s yacht was originally ordered to be built at the shipyard for 500 million euros by Mr. Miles Guo, who later gave up the yacht to focus on destroying the CCP, so the shipyard transferred the yacht to Putin. 

17% of the damaged Russian weapons were destroyed by the Russian soldiers. Putin worship has gone too far, leading Russians to believe that this is Putin’s war alone.

Xi is so terrified by Putin’s failure that he pretends to emphasize collective leadership but still wields unprecedented power. The Shanghai faction is finished, and no one is capable of challenging Xi. Li Keqiang’s status is even lower than the maids serving tea in Zhongnanhai. Li does not even have as much power as the secretaries around Xi. Li Keqiang’s two most trusted secretaries cannot even enter Zhongnanhai.

Many in the CCP wish Xi’s strict zero-Covid policy will force more Chinese to revolt. 

Since the atrocious Shanghai lockdown, Mr. Guo has gained more confidence in restoring Chinese hearts and minds because many CCP insiders wish Xi’s zero-Covid policy to be as strict as possible so that more Chinese will be forced to revolt. Many want the disintegration of the CCP, and Han Zheng has the strongest desire. The lockdown has made everyone in the CCP realize that no one is safe as long as the CCP remains in power.

Filial piety to one’s mother is a tool for the CCP officials to build trust with each other.

The CCP officials’ filial respect for their mothers is inversely proportional to their evil, and Xi is the most obedient son in the world. The filial affection for mothers in the CCP is unparalleled, but the party teaches the people to give up their own parents for the CCP. The CCP officials believe that filial respect for mothers reflects their own characters but that their subordinates’ impiety is a sign of loyalty to their bosses.

The attitude of CCP officials towards their parents is one of the reasons why 99% of the CCP members are good people; it is the system that turns people into devils. The CCP officials have not become complete devils because they hold two bottom lines: one is to be good to their parents, and the other is to believe in the Divine and Buddhism.

The topic of mothers is the best bridge between the CCP insiders and the outsiders. The Chinese people can still be saved. The CCP must be destroyed for the sake of millions of mothers.

The Hu Jintao Couple’s View on Family and Education

Hu Jintao’s wife Liu Yongqing told Mr. Guo that Chiang Kai-shek was filial and righteous, but Mao Tse-tung was ungrateful and cursed his own father, and that Chiang’s writing was orthodox calligraphy, and Mao’s was demonic. She believed that Mother’s Day should be spent learning from Mencius’ mother. She also told Mr. Guo that Hu Jintao was forced by his mother to memorize and copy ancient scripts as a child, of which the most written were Lao Tzu and Mencius, but never Confucius.

Hu Jintao believes that a big problem in China is that children’s education has become the mother’s job, and the father’s proper duties have been replaced by the mother, leading to a strong mother and a weak father. Another problem is the fault lines in traditional culture after the CCP came to power. Both Hu Jintao and his wife love to read books, not communist books but foreign books.

Parents’ impact on Mr. Guo: Stay away from officials. Don’t fall for women and money. 

Mr. Guo’s parents’ deep-seated fear of officials shaped Mr. Guo’s view on his relationship with the CCP officials. His mother constantly reminded him not to be ruined by “long hair” (women), and his father taught him that a man should not be destroyed by money. 

Parents should teach without seeking return. Children should take care of their parents without a condition.

It is parents’ natural duty to educate their children. Filial respect is the instinct of children, but not unconditional obedience to parents. Children should have complete freedom after the age of 18 and rejoin the family after they have gained the ability to survive independently. We need to learn the most from the Westerners setting free their adult children.

Education should be personalized. GEDU has to build the team and education model first.

GEDU has an excellent start, but it is still far from its goal. Education in China is at a dead end and has become a disaster. Education shouldn’t be standardized but personalized. 

GEDU has to build the team first and next design a good education model. Hopefully, GEDU will launch in six months, online and offline. The offline education sites are likely to be in Australia, U.K., or U.S.

The core of the long-arm jurisdiction is that the U.S. can seize all assets that were transacted through the U.S. dollar. Only the NFSC (New Federal State of China) can provide a safe harbor. 

The future sanctions against the CCP will be 100 times tougher than those against Russia. The core of the long-arm jurisdiction is that the U.S. can seize all assets that were transacted through the U.S. dollar. 

The NFSC is the only most powerful institution respected internationally and protected. In the future, only the NFSC’s wealth has a clear origin. 

Bitcoin will disappear, which is a prerequisite for the legalization of digital currencies.

The CCP has falsified stock indices.

The actual Shanghai Composite Index should be at around 2,100 (last price: 3001), and the Hang Seng Index should be at around 17,000 (last price: 20,001). The CCP has altered the indices and the trading system because nothing else can be done. 

The new antidote can cure almost 99% of the people who received four or fewer doses of the Covid vaccine.

The new artemisinin remedy will be announced soon and can cure almost 99% of the people who received four or fewer doses of the Covid vaccine. It is not yet known whether this remedy will work for vaccinated children and those with underlying diseases. 

If Mr. Miles Guo’s mother were alive now, she would certainly prioritize saving lives over taking down the CCP. (All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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