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On May 7, Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said that if the CCP (Chinese Community Party) invades Taiwan by force in the future, he hopes that the international community can impose sanctions on the CCP like Russia, which invades Ukraine.

According to Deutsche Welle, at the “2022 European Festival” held in Taipei, Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu stressed that Taiwan joined the international community, especially friendly European countries, to condemn and impose sanctions against Russia and Belarus, which is based on international justice and is doing the right thing.

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Joseph Wu said, “I think we can also think that if our Taiwan is threatened by force or aggression by the CCP in the future, we certainly hope that the international community can also understand and support Taiwan and impose sanctions on such acts of aggression.”

It is reported that Taiwan has raised its alert level since the start of the war in Ukraine to prevent similar actions by the Chinese Communist Party.

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