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Translated by: MOS Education Team – Master LL

64-year-old John Lee Ka-chiu who was responsible for overseeing the crackdown on Hong Kong’s democratic movement. On May 8, he was elected as the Chief Executive of Hong Kong by the Election Committee formed by the pro-CCP. John Lee Ka-chiu was sanctioned by the USA, and he is the only candidate supported by Beijing to succeed Carrie Lam.

Borrell, the European Union’s (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, stated in a statement: “The EU regrets this violation of democratic principles and political pluralism. This is a further step in dismantling the ‘one country, two systems’ principle. The EU attaches great importance to safeguarding Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, including media freedom, democratic principles and the rule of law, in accordance with the ‘Basic Law’ and international commitments. The EU urges the CCP and the Hong Kong authorities to comply with their national and international commitments. Especially the ultimate goal of electing the chief administrator and members of the Legislative Council in general elections.”


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