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Translated by: Himalaya Oxford Visionary-boylatin1L

On the 7th, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mr. Burns, attended a meeting organized by the Financial Times in Washington, D.C., and expressed his impression that Chinese President Xi Jinping was “uneasy” about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Image Source: reuters

Mr. Burns said that the brutality of Russian troops exposed in the invasion could “damage” the reputation of the Chinese Communist Party, which maintains close ties with Russia. Xi attaches great importance to the “prediction of possibilities.” And the economic uncertainty associated with the war will upset him.

Image Source: metro

He also said that the Communist Party of China is disappointed that Russia’s invasion has strengthened the unity of the West and, and it is carefully evaluating the “experience” for the invasion of Taiwan. Although Xi Jinping’s determination to rule Taiwan for a long time has not been weakened, it has affected the CCP’s plans.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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