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Translated by: MOS Education Team–Mark Wen, Juliet

Since the CCP usurped power, it has continuously carried out brainwashing propaganda on the people. It makes no sense for parents not to be as good as the CCP, to teach people to be loyal and faithful.

The dictatorship of the CCP, claiming that without countries, there is no home.

According to records, during the Cultural Revolution, there was a tragedy where the son reported that his mother was counterrevolutionary and the mother was shot.

In 1970, Ms. Fang Zhongmou criticized Mao Zedong’s behavior during the Cultural Revolution, and tore up the Mao statue at home. Fang Zhongmou’s son reported his mother to the CCP. The mother was sentenced to death by the CCP authorities. Afterwards, the CCP also vigorously praised his son as a hero. More than 40 years later, the 60-year-old son regrets so much that he feels that he is inferior to animals.

Today, the CCP dictator Xi Jinping is trying to become the new emperor and restore the autocracy in an all-round way, and news of exposing relatives has begun to appear on the social media monopolized by mainland China. In April 2022, Rong Ting, the daughter of the principal of Shandong Lanxiang, reported her mother Kong Suying in real name. The daughter reported that her mother had an American green card, sold the property in mainland China and transferred the property to the United States. This was originally a case of family conflict. But the CCP media made it a crime to sell real estate and transfer funds to the United States, encouraging Cultural Revolution-style disclosures.

In the Miles’ Grand live broadcast on May 1, Miles pointed out that the current goal of the CCP is to eliminate people’s pursuit of the material requirements through the closure of the city, so that they can live like animal slaves.


Proofread/Edited by: AlexZ
Posted by: AlexZ

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