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On May 6th in a livestream, Miles Guo talked about the current situation between US and Communist China.

He said after the World War II, US spent the past three decades cultivating an archenemy – the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), while in Communist China during that period of time, the CCP developed the economy through selling, destroying and polluting mountains and lands, massively cutting down trees, and contaminating underground water.

Currently due to the polluted environment in Communist China, the average life expectancy of Chinese people is only 60 years, which is way below the world average of 78 years.

By the year of 2000, the GDP in Communist China has gone up from one or two trillion to over ten trillion dollars.

The CCP’s economic development never took into account the well-being of the Chinese people and their future generations
In addition, Xi is deeply convinced of Modelski’s Model of the World Leadership and the notion of Axis Age with Communist China being the axis of culture, politics and military.

He pointed out that now US got an archenemy, the CCP, which is challenging the entire world, and this would inevitably create a rivalry between the CCP and US, which might last the next few decades or even longer.

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