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U.S. Congressman Mark Green said in an interview with NewsNation’s On Balance host Leland Vittert on May 5th, “Taiwan manufactures 94% of all high-end semiconductors (in the world), and the West cannot tolerate China (CCP) to seize control of Taiwan.”  Given the different degrees of influence Taiwan and Ukraine have on the global economy, the West will not tolerate China’s invasion of Taiwan.  International solidarity will fight back even more than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Congressman,Mark Green
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Countries have successively imposed sanctions on Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine for economic, energy, and high-tech products.  Taiwan is a major producer of high-end semiconductors.  From April 6th, to prevent Taiwan’s high-tech goods from being exported to Russia for military purposes, the “Russia Export List” has been implemented.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on May 6th, that it will impose economic sanctions on Belarus from today, adding a “list of high-tech goods exported to Belarus” and taking the same export control measures against Belarus as Russia.

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According to the announcement on the official website of the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, on the 6th, the “categories of strategic high-tech goods, specific types of strategic high-tech goods and export control areas,” and the “list of high-tech goods exported to Russia” were revised to “exports to Russia” and Belarusian high-tech goods list.”

“List of high-tech goods to Russia and Belarus” covers electronics, computers, telecommunications, information security software and technology (optical, acoustic, superconducting electromagnetic), sensors and lasers, radar systems and significant components, navigation and avionics equipment, aerospace and propulsion, and systems, etc.

Bureau of Foreign Trade of Taiwan
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the additional sanctions against Belarus would adopt the same export controls as Russia in response to the international community’s appeal.  At present, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, and other Western democratic camps have not only condemned Belarus for echoing Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine but also announced several waves of economic sanctions and export controls on Belarus.


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