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(1) It was reported by the Epoch Times, May 7, 2022 (The Epoch Times reporter Zhang Qingqing compiled and reported) that a radio telescope in South Africa recently observed a powerful laser (laser) from deep space.  This is the beam from the most distant interstellar space of its kind discovered so far, about 5 billion light-years away from the Earth.

This space laser, named “megamaser” by scientists, comes from outside the Milky Way, and its isotropic luminosity is extremely immense, usually more than 100 million times that of the “maser” in the Milky Way.

Based on the reports from the media, experts speculate that this “mega ray” observed by the MeerKAT telescope is the strong light generated by the huge collision of two huge galaxies 5 billion light-years away from the earth, traveling to Earth through the vast space of 580 trillion trillion kilometers (58 followed by 21 zeros).

(2) Texas Instruments has fired all MCU teams in China and relocated all the original MCU product lines to India.  The MCU team of Texas Instruments is one of the best product lines operated by localization, established in the customized development based on the Chinese market with the fast response to the customers, but its living space has been squeezed in recent years.  This team mainly operates in Shanghai, but it is more difficult to operate during the epidemic, so the team is surely suspended to operate.

Texas Instruments was forced to revise down its forecast for revenue by about 10% as Chinese customers closed down their factories or reduced their operating levels, according to TI.  But so far, the chipmaker has not had widespread order cancellations, suggesting the problem is more of a logistical issue than a general decline in demand for electronics.

(3) There was an interesting scene – “red light all over the sky” appearing shortly in Zhoushan last night. There were different opinions at that moment. There are three views: the first one is the “Mie scattering” of small particles, which is similar to the “volcanic red” after the volcanic eruption; the second is high-altitude cirrus clouds, which is similar to the “Taimu sunset” before the arrival of the typhoon; the third is the reflection of the light of large ships.  I looked through the data to analyze the air quality and cloud cover in Zhoushan last night, finding neither “volcanic red” nor “Taimu sunset” is the reason with the fact that the red light disappeared quickly. My speculation is that it should be the third one that it was caused by the light from the ship. Last night, the air quality on the sea surface of Zhoushan was good, but it was foggy. The lights emitted by the ship were look like red light all over the sky due to the effect of the sea fog. After the lights on the ship were turned off, the red light disappeared instantly.  This could also explain why red light appeared at night and disappeared quickly.

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