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Translated by: MOS English Team – mingyue

On May 8th, it was reported that the Japan’s Ministry of Defense released a statement on 6th of May, that Japan will participate the military training exercises, MARARA22. The military exercise is organized by the France French Polynesia. The training includes humanitarian support and disaster relief on the island. The training will be held from the May 8th to May 19th. A total of 18 countries have joined the training including Japan, France, United State, Australia, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, and the Pacific countries such as the Cook Islands and Fiji Islands.

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Considering Communist China’s maritime activities, France is trying to increase its involvement in its Indo-Pacific territory and surrounding areas. Japan and France have reached a consensus on expanding security cooperation, and hope to broaden the scope of cooperation through such training. According to the Ministry of Defense, a total of five people will be dispatched this time, including the Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Ground Self-Defense Force. Training has been held every other year since 2002. At the invitation of France, the Japanese decided to participate for the first time. 


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