1. Mr. Miles Guo bet that Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan before the end of this June. Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan means that the United States will not only grant Taiwan the general nation-to-nation status, but also the status as a major power.

2. The relation between Poland and Ukraine is the same as the one between Taiwan and Hong Kong under the threat of the CCP, Poland has no choice but to get involved in fighting against Russia to protect itself.

3. 40 countries get involved in the war: Zelensky alone has moved the world. A nation like Ukraine had been preparing for war with Russia for decades, and the sinking of Russian warships was actually “sunk by the United States and Europe”.

4. Scheherazade, the recently confiscated yacht of Putin’s, was originally built for Mr. Miles Guo. Because Mr. Miles Guo took on the mission of taking down the CCP and no longer needed the yacht, it was later purchased by Putin. Two yachts owned by Putin’s daughter were also seized. The future sanctions to be imposed on Communist China will be 100 times harsher than those imposed on Russia!

5. The Shanghai clique has long been gone, Xi Jinping’s power is now unchallenged and he can do whatever he wants to do.

6.  “The recent internet rumor that Xi Jinping has health problems” is because of the Russia-Ukraine war. Xi Jinping was so scared that Xi felt Putin’s cult of the individual had gone too far, so Xi would pretend to turn around and start emphasizing collective leadership.

7.Almost all the CCP senior cadres are extremely filial to their parents, with Xi Jinping being the No. 1 filial son in the world. However, the CCP does not allow the rest of the Chinese people to have filial respect for their parents.

8.Most of the CCP cadres still maintain the bottom line of humanity – filial piety. This is why 99% of the CCP members are good people. Mr. Miles Guo thinks it is those in the CCP that will end up destroying the CCP. Because they know that their families will have no future if they don’t take down the CCP. Han Zheng is the one who wants to tear apart the CCP the most, and both Jia Qinglin and Li Keqiang want to destroy the CCP from the bottom of their hearts.

9. Shanghai harsh lockdown policy: Many people inside CCP want Xi Jinping to make lockdown measures more stringent, forcing out countless Chen Sheng Wu Guang uprising, overthrowing the CCP.

10. The long-arm jurisdiction is not just if you have ties to the CCP. The US government can take charge of any Chinese as long as they have used dollars. The only one who is spared is the New Federal State of China, only the money of the people of the New Federal State of China can stay clear.

11.Standardization of education is an absolute disaster, G-EDU should personalize education, G-EDU should provide an individualized educational environment.

12. G-EDU does not get the team and education model (software and hardware) ready, and definitely does not start until it is ready. We will try to solve it within a year, and start offline and online at the same time, offline in USA UK Australia, two or three places to do it.

13.  COVID Vaccine disaster:  there’s a new prescription to detoxify COVID Vaccines.

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: Curiosity
Proofreading: Tracy