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Translated by: MOS English Team-Jack H

On 4 May, a Japanese media contacted its resident reporters in Beijing and Shanghai to share the reality of the CCP’s lockdown in the two places.

A reporter in Beijing said the Chinese government has limited the range of activities for residents of the lockdown communities, and stopped indoor air conditioners in the community where the reporter works at, with claiming to prevent spreading of the virus. In the heat of 35 degrees Celsius, residents can only rely on opening windows and fans to ventilate and cool down, and even have to prepare repellents to disperse mosquitoes and insects.

Beijing large scale nucleic acid testing site
Image Source: ndtv

The reporter in Shanghai said his friend’s house had a blocked sewer but could not be repaired. When the reporter of Beijing said he still believed the CCP won’t lockdown the city for a long time, but the reporter in Shanghai immediately pointed out that Shanghai Government had also once said it would not lockdown the city before, but now it has been in closure for 34 days, so the CCP Government cannot be trusted. He said there is still shortage of food in Shanghai, and called on reporters in Beijing to store as much supplies as possible, including children’s toys and foods, because the logistics would be disturbed suddenly and even online shopping would take at least 10 days to arrive.

The conversation between the reporters above evidences what Mr. Guo has warned the world since October last year, that with the coming of vaccine disaster and collapse of the CCP regime ,  interruption of water, electricity and gas will happen in the urban areas in communist China, the CCP virus will lead to severe humanitarian catastrophe eventually.


Edited by:  MikeHua
Posted by: Peter Chen

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