Summary and translation: Jenny Ball
Editor: yuddy

Miles’ live broadcast has become a source of information and a point of reference for Whistleblowers’ Movement followers as well as world decision makers attempting to assess the true state of the world. Among the extensive information in Miles’ live broadcast on May 6th, this article focuses primarily on the Russian-Ukrainian war and what it means for each of us.

What effect will the Russian-Ukrainian conflict have on the Chinese and the rest of the world?

Food comes first! The fate of the war is decided by food and supplies. Cao Cao’s greatest failure in the Dynasty of Three Kingdoms was the battle of Chibi, in which his fleet of supply boats was burned to ashes, and the Cao family had never recovered from the loss until its dismay.

What does the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine teach us? What did the US destroy? The U.S. military attacked all Russian supplies and beheaded his generals.

The CCP saw how the Russian-Ukrainian war works: they fight for food and supplies, and the generals are beheaded. The CCP top leaders in Zhongnankeng are thinking: If I want to have a conflict with the U.S., I will avoid being beheaded first; second, my food cannot be destroyed, and my supply will not be destroyed. As a result, the CCP is engaged in internal economy, internal circulation, and supply, and has begun the cooperative quota supply economy.

The Russian-Ukrainian war is indeed a confrontation between the East and the West, which is inevitable. The war between the CCP and the U.S. has already happened. So-called unrestricted warfare, economic warfare, and cyber warfare have already happened for years. It just has not reached the stage of kinetic war. Now people in Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Changchun, and now Jinan are all in lockdown, which means operations are in a state of war.

Xi Jinping and Zhongnankeng understand better than anyone who he is fighting against: US imperialism, not the Chinese people.

During WWII, globalization, as well as far-left so-called liberalism, all led directly to nationalism. What is the outcome of all this conflict? Remember the Great Depression?

The Great Depression, which lasted from 1929 to 1948, is still remembered today.

Prepare for food, water, and other necessities to ensure your survival. Just now, there was a sentence in the PPT that was very well said: candles. Candles will become extremely important to you. You can live in critical situations and have candles and matches at night. Do not even consider natural gas, which will be more valuable to you than diamonds by then.

This is also why the CCP now wants everyone to eat less, waste less food, and keep food reserves under control, as it prepares for a food disaster.

What else besides food and water? medicine. Even if you have a minor sickness, like a little headache and fever, when you are not able to see a doctor, you have to take medicine. Some essential medicines

Everyone must remember that all of the high infection rates seen in New York today are the result of vaccines. Look at those with cancer now in my group. It has gone crazy. I do not even dare read messages now. All of them were in their twenties and thirties, and suddenly had heart disease or cancer, and died and gone.

Third, what kind of massive problem did we discover after WWII? What happened to China’s money? At the end of the Qing Dynasty, when the Communist Party arrived, and during the Kuomintang period, the majority of the wealth went to Nanyang and the overseas.

So, everyone, did you know that in the last twelve months, the majority of people who committed suicide by jumping off a building were motivated by Bitcoin and those who purchased NFTs, Ethereum, and NFTs? In the last two weeks, 90 percent of NFT’s trading volume has vanished, which is terrifying.

Therefore, the era of digital currency will definitely come. A new era of digital currency will surely be born. Of course, our HCoin/HDollar will be one of them. I have no doubts about this.

As a result of this war, Putin will be gone, and Emperor Xi will be gone for sure. But we do not want Putin to take away more innocent Russians. I have too many Russian friends, and I don’t want Xi to take away Taiwanese and Chinese mainlanders either. This is my only hope.

Why am I very concerned? Because we have lost the most basic mutual support of human beings. Society consists of people living in groups, relying on each other, being in need of each other, and protecting each other. It is called a community and it is called a human being. We Chinese are no longer human. We got used to lying to each other, using each other, torturing each other, and hurting each other.

As a matter of fact, it is your ability to predict and prepare for disasters that keeps you alive in this world, not food or gold. This is the core mission of the whistleblowers’ revolution: to spread the truth and awaken people.

Link of Miles’ live broadcast on May 6: