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Translated by: MOS Media Team – Fay F

On May 3, local time, Ukrainian officials said that about 150,000 Ukrainians access the Internet through starlink every day, and in November 2021, there are only 140,000 users around the world every day.

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 Since SpaceX’s satellites brought internet service to Ukraine, its users have exploded.  This is an important support for Ukraine’s infrastructure and restoration of destroyed territories.  Star Chain has not released any data, but according to its selected indicators, from November 2021 to February 2022, the daily active users of Star Chain have increased to 250,000, including individual and corporate users.  And there are multiple sub-users under one account at the same time, it is difficult to calculate the exact number.

 On February 27, three days after Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, Starlink joined the Ukraine region.  As power outages and Russian strikes have damaged local infrastructure, interrupting the local internet from time to time, Starlink addresses these issues.  According to relevant reports, there are currently about 10,000 base stations, which keep most of Ukraine constantly online and also help Ukrainian forces monitor enemy troops and drones.


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